Quality Trumps All

Across research houses, a common area of debate is on what makes a survey sample perfect. Is it the source of sample and procurement process, the checks and balances that ‘weed out’ deviants or simply, sample mix and size that counterbalance anomalies? In essence, it’s a choice between sample source, sample quality or sample size. The answer is neither one, but a combination of all the above and more. At Internet Research Bureau we practice what we refer to as ‘The Absolute Sampling system’ or simply as ‘Absolute Sample’. This system is a process wherein we engage potential survey respondents from verified platforms such as our flagship website www.opinionbureau.com, our secure social media tool called OSBT or, our mobile portal called mSurvey.

To sign-up members in the Absolute sample system, all potential panellists are driven through a series of verification tests. The recruitment process kicks-off with profiling respondents in terms of demography, social, economic, behavioural and relationship attributes. We then proceeds to manual and automated scanning of all respondents for fake ids, duplicates or machine generated responses. Once these potentials have passed over 36 quality layers they are then considered ready to be initiated in our Absolute sampling panels.

Survey panel strength adds to the credibility of a survey outcome. To help decision makers get a realistic idea of what truly matters to the consumers, we decided to expand our panellist base and capture the true essence of what people demand, needs and expect of product or service.

Internet Research Bureau is proud to announce that after establishing ourselves in over 24 English speaking countries of APAC, UK and North America, we have now spread to 16 new key markets of Latin America and EU.

Our new focus regions are Argentina and Brazil in America and Germany, France, Spain and Italy in the EU region. Our projections and current growth indicate a 73% jump in our global panel access by end of fiscal year 2014-15.

With our growing strength and enhanced technology skills Internet Research Bureau is all set to dominate the new frontiers of panel management and the realm of online surveys. As always, we seek your support in helping us carry out dreams to become a leading quality sample and online survey provider.

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