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need to survey a business audience

Our executive panel is your best tool for fast,
accurate, and in-depth insights.


Do you need to conduct a survey of business executives for a research project? Internet Research Bureau (IRB) possesses and maintains an industry-leading panel with a large, global sample of business executives, representing a wide array of disciplines and business categories.

Our Panel lets you know:
  • If IT executives plan to invest in security in the coming year?
  • What CEO’s think about the deployment of AI?
  • If consumer packaged goods companies are increasing R&D?

IRB has the answers you are looking for.

Industry leading panel of business executives

Over time, we have carefully built and maintained our community of business executives who actively engage and participate in surveys. Our proprietary method of validation ensures that our panel information stays current, so you can count on relevant data from valid samples. Highlights of our system
Responsive Panel,<br>Meticulously Updated
Responsive Panel,
Meticulously Updated
Proprietary Technology to<br>Maintain Quality & Verification
Proprietary Technology to
Maintain Quality & Verification
Consultative Approach,<br>Fast Turnaround
Consultative Approach,
Fast Turnaround


Data Tuned For In-depth Analysis and Relevant Insights

  • A Deep Data Collection "Toolbox"
    Our survey programming platform was developed in-house to meet a wide variety of needs. We can easily deploy customized surveys with advanced features. We can target devices with mobile surveys. We can deploy complex questioning and/or quota management. And our reporting is just as flexible. IRB’s services are designed to be agile and quickly customizable to get the data you need, when you need it.
  • A Methodical Approach to Panel Maintenance
    We take the maintenance of our survey panel very seriously. We have a multi-step, scientifically rigorous and repeatable process for recruiting, engaging, and nurturing a strong sample of panelists. And we are just as rigorous in eliminating them as soon as they fail to meet our standards. This is our Panel Engagement & Elimination Platform (PEEP), and it is our commitment to quality control. It provides our clients with the assurance that they will receive relevant, valid, and clean data every time.
  • Radical Transparency to Meet the Most Stringent Requirements
    For clients who need more detailed information about their respondents, we offer a premium service to meet this requirement. Our “Know Your Respondents” (KYR) technology uses proprietary data collection techniques to enable a high degree of accuracy as well as the security of knowing the information is as current as possible. We monitor publicly available profiles of our panelists, which enables us to have up-to-the-minute knowledge of their current employment status.
  • Flexible and Efficient Sampling Methodology
    IRB has a highly capable in-house development capacity to ensure the level of flexibility to meet all our clients’ needs. As a result, we can often deploy automated, programmatic sampling tools to maximize speed and minimize costs. For example, our complex quota management tools will ensure sampling of the correct segments at the correct levels by automatically adjusting to responses in real time. This technique prevents oversampling, keeps your costs down, and speeds up the process.

Data Collection Services

Proprietary Panels
Proprietary Panels
Survey Programming & Hosting
Survey Programming & Hosting
Online Data Collection
Online Data Collection
Consumer Insight
Consumer Insight
Omnibus Surveys
Omnibus Surveys

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Industry Association

Industry Association


Your team has been excellent to work with as well and really helped get us across the finish line on this one.

Matthew Proulx
The Logit Group, Inc.

We were very impressed with your quality and delivery here.

John Wulff
Vice President
The Logit Group, Inc.

Thank you for the outstanding help on this project! We’ve been extremely pleased and will put the word out to our friends and colleagues who study India. You really helped save the online component of our study and we’re extremely grateful.

Brendan Nyhan
Professor (by courtesy), School of Information
University of Michigan

It has been a pleasure to work with IRB. They have been very flexible in partnering us particularly on moderated online qualitative researches involving closed community researches on social media platforms. IRB has managed the data collection, recruitment and reward extremely efficiently.

Ravi Ganesh
Head of Strategy and Analytics – India
Havas Media

I've worked with IRB for several years now. The team is very responsive and committed to each study. All my request were met. They are quick and easy to work with, and remain one of my top choices for my surveys!

Ovidiu Matache