Experience Superior Online Market Research Methods

Online surveys in India are steadily making their presence felt owing to the growth in the number of internet users in the country. Participants are feeling the joys of being a part of the decision making process and sharing their views on products and services they use. Online surveys are also beneficial to market research agencies and clients since the process is much less costly, faster and has a greater possibility of being error-free. Paid market research surveys have improved the scene further by giving participants further incentive to take part in market research.

The Internet Research Bureau is one such organisation which pioneers in online market research in India. Our sampling methodology is superior to most others existing today as we have spent quite a few years in this field. Our proprietary panel consists of people from different backgrounds and this helps us to address the need of various organisations with ease. Our team members with their vast experience in market research are able to formulate better questionnaires and get the desired results from the candidates. Once the online survey data collection procedure is complete, the information is sent for processing so that the numbers make sense to the client.

Our profiling and categorization system makes it easier for clients to collect opinion, get reviews done and also get responses from audience and users who are difficult to reach otherwise. The data collected as demographic information about our panellists are protected by all existing laws of internet data protection. They are further motivation as they get paid to take surveys. This payment can be in the form of shopping or recharging coupons or transfer of funds through online portals. Thus, the interest of both parties is served without compromising on the quality of research.

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