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Your Best Source for B2B Survey Data

At IRB, we have been empaneling and surveying business executives for 7 years. And we have acquired crucial market research learning to serve you better.

What makes our clients believe in us?

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Our Core Values

Transparency & Trust

with our clients as well as our panelists, we are in the trust business. We are data providers. We know that our service is only useful if you can trust its accuracy; and we achieve accuracy with full transparency and the faith that confidences will be kept.


as a service business, we stay focused on delivering value to our clients. Value only comes from delivering on our promises and providing accurate, reliable information.


we love what we do. We are data nerds at heart, and we are in constant pursuit of better, cleaner, more relevant data and the tools that will lead us to it.

How do we make a difference?

  • We monitor and track cultural trends and their impact.
  • We are constantly exploring new opportunities and identifying challenges.
  • We use emerging technology like smart-filtering research sample techniques to maximize survey efficiencies.
  • We set up parallel data collection and validation access for our clients to provide transparency and efficiency.
  • We use our in-house survey programming techniques to provide highly customized survey solutions.