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We Will Find Your Audience. Whoever they may be.

The world of business is rapidly changing, and the pace of change is accelerating. New industries are emerging. New jobs are created and eliminated daily. In this dynamic marketplace, it can be very difficult to accurately define and properly target the right respondents for a survey, let alone find them and get them to respond.

At IRB, we have got the tools, methods, and technology to tackle this problem.

We are well-equipped for:

Quota Management
Quota Management
Pre-screening audiences
Pre-screening audiences
Re-contacting respondents
Re-contacting respondents
Maintaining records of participants
Maintaining records of participants
Mobile surveys
Mobile surveys
Re-allowing respondents
Re-allowing respondents

How Do We Sample?

We are results-oriented, and it shows in our approach. We employ any and all strategies to drive those results. Multiple scouting procedures are deployed to find and acquire the right candidates for your survey.

Survey Invitation
(Online Surveys)

We can identify likely candidates for your survey from our existing data, and invite them to participate, which they can do via a single click. As a trusted source for emails, we get very high open and response rates.

Survey Portal
(Online Surveys)

Our panelists are members of an online community where they can view active surveys and the accompanying rewards, and proactively volunteer to participate.

(Online Surveys)

We can identify additional likely participants by automatically targeting respondents to similar surveys. Our internal routing technology automatically offers respondents from one survey an opportunity to participate in another one, based on any of criteria we set.


We have strong network of well trained and expert interviewers to conduct CATI, covering both B2B and B2C research. We also maintain the track record of our CATI respondents through our in-house portal and do real time quality check. Our interviewers cover various regions and can pilot the interview in local languages based on the requirements.


Our maintained network of professional tech savvy interviewers can conduct a detailed personal interview flawlessly. We work on maintained database of respondents to cater to our client needs (B2B or B2C) and can conduct interviews based on client provided list as well, covering different regions with local language. We also have an extensive quality check process in place to deliver best results to our clients.

Sample Pool

Proprietary Panel

Our proprietary panel ( is the primary source of our sample pool. We securely recruit only double opt-in and approved panelists to ensure participation of genuinely interested members.

Online Survey Bureau Traffic

Online Survey Bureau Traffic (OSBT) is the secondary source of our sample pool. We attract respondents to our OSBT portal from social media networks, affiliate networks and digital advertising, which help us target survey participants based on their demographic criteria. Our proprietary software helps us route the right respondent to the appropriate surveys.

Constant Monitoring to Maintain Uniqueness of Respondents

We routinely monitor responses to identify and delete duplicate responses. We use programmatic tools to identify and reject respondents who attempt to take a survey multiple times. A respondent can participate in a survey only once, no matter what respondent pool they come from.