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Quality is Our Culture

Our mission is to provide clean, valid data to support mission-critical business initiatives.

In our business, quality is not just an important thing. It is everything. Every day, businesses all over the world make critical decisions that are based on research to some degree. Those of us who provide the data for market intelligence have to get it right and deliver it on time. At IRB, we are built from the ground up to ensure our data is accurate, clean, and delivered in a timely manner.
From the outset, we designed a set of methodologies, technologies and procedures that are all aimed at achieving and delivering the highest standard of quality. And, we extend ourselves beyond that. We devote resources to monitor emerging business trends and technologies, so we can continually find ways to improve.

Key Quality Measures


At IRB, we solicit, recruit, and scrupulously maintain a premium quality panel by continuously providing incentives for panelists to stay engaged. It costs a bit more to do it this way, however more carefully screened and more engaged panelists are more likely to respond, and be more meaningful in their responses. The result is reflected in better, cleaner data.

Meticulous Panel
Selection & Maintenance

Our industry-leading experts have developed our proprietary Panelist Engagement and Elimination Process (PEEP). It is a quality control measure that we follow internally to ensure the continuing reliability of our panel. IRB sets the industry standard for maintaining a large sample of respondents with up to date profiles.

Compliance with
International Market Research Guidelines

We follow all necessary guidelines, including ESOMAR & CASRO guidelines for survey research. We are a proud member of CASRO and have answered the ESOMAR 28 Questions.