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Building Assets for Market Insights

Recruiting high quality panel members is difficult work. But building the panel is only half the battle. IRB does not stop there. Our panel is our most valuable asset, and we manage it as our most valued possession. Once panelists are recruited, our work continues to keep them productive. We have rigorous measures in place to maintain the attention, engagement, and participation of our panel members. This approach ensures that your survey results will be the most accurate and reliable results in the industry.

Ongoing engagement

Continued engagement by panelists is crucial to the quality of the data collected. We have ongoing efforts to keep panelists engaged, including outreach programs to suggest surveys for them, an online community where they can review available surveys, and an incentive program for them to earn rewards for participation.

Authentic responses

As an acknowledgment of our panelists’ sincere participation, we reward them well. This keeps them motivated and responsive to our upcoming surveys, as well as ensuring that the quality of responses is high. Panelists are informed of the standards for quality, and we identify and screen out those providing rushed or poor-quality responses.

Protection of Personally Identifiable Information

We see our panelists as valued partners in our business. We take careful steps to ensure that their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is kept confidential. They also have access to team members at IRB to address any concerns or questions they may have. IRB has a strict privacy policy in place, based on the laws of the countries where it has panels and/or conducts surveys. We are firmly committed to protecting the privacy of survey participants and avoiding the dissemination of their personally identifiable information, in accordance with international regulations. At Industry level, we follow the guidelines of Insight Association, ESOMAR and MRSI. Please download our privacy and data protection practice document below.