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IRB Sales Director Hosts Webinar on Handling Multiple Data Sources

Nov 12, 2018 —  Webinar on Handling Multiple Data Sources

Ian Roberts will host a webinar on Handling Multiple Data Sources on 21st November 2018. This webinar is conducted by one of the pioneering research bodies in the UK, the Market Research Society (MRS). The MRS promotes the highest professional standards in business research and insights. It serves as the catalyst for researchers, providing them with key insights on the latest in research methodologies, diversified data management, and customized research training. Its Multiple Data Sources Handling webinar will be led by Ian Roberts who is IRBs Director of Sales (UK & EU).

About Ian Roberts

Ian has an impressive background of working with Central Government in the UK (7 years with the Cabinet Office and DTi) involving the purchase of MR services and commissioning a European benchmarking study. He successfully promoted the use of the Internet to Businesses and the individual, fully optimizing the capabilities of Market Research. Ian has over 20 years in the Market Research sector, guiding research companies to optimize their market research potential with his rich understanding of various research technologies and methodologies.

Tags : Data Intelligence, Market Research, Handling Multiple Data Sources