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Fast and Affordable Online Consumer Research

Rapid growth of Internet usage in emerging markets provides a unique opportunity for our clients to execute cost-effective consumer research.

Consumer Insights

Emerging markets typically show a sharp upward trend in internet usage as more people get connected. This trend creates a wealth of consumer data that is often overlooked and untapped from a research perspective. So we have a new and growing opportunity to break new ground for market research to be conducted in these markets. We are building an array of consumer insight services to address this opportunity. This service is perfect for small businesses which need the benefit of consumer research but don’t have the budget for more comprehensive programs. If you have a research project for the consumer market, IRB can provide a full suite of services to position you for success.

How do we help you?

Identifying  research objective
Identifying research objective
  • Setting research agenda
  • Setting goals
  • Creating action plans
Creating research design
Creating research design
  • Preparation of questionnaires
  • Online survey programming
Collecting feedback
Collecting feedback
  • Sending surveys to targeted panel members
  • Outreach to encourage survey participation
  • Computer-Assisted Telephonic Interview
  • Computer-Assisted Personal Interview
Analysing survey results
Analysing survey results
  • Processing and simplifying complex data
  • Using analysis tools or advanced programs to interpret data
Preparing report
Preparing report
  • Compiling reports with survey findings
  • User-friendly representation of data, for uses such as developing product strategy etc.
  • Providing customer insights to enable smart business decisions.